Prospective Students

Why LSRI's Learning Science Ph.D.?

Our learning sciences Ph.D. program sets itself apart from other programs because it prepares students to address educational challenges in both formal and informal settings through a truly interdisciplinary approach. We are the only program in the country that works across the disciplines.

We offer a 5-year program that is different from traditional education programs because it permits you to design a study plan that combines learning sciences coursework with a discipline and a specialization of your choice — whether literacy, mathematics, natural sciences, computer sciences or social sciences. 

We are a highly selective program, and although LSRI was founded in 2007, our degree has quickly become one of the most sought-after in the learning sciences field.

When you enroll here, you'll be working alongside the some of the pioneers of learning sciences and the leading researchers in their fields. With them, you'll also be continuing UIC's commitment to serving underrepresented populations by working in urban communities and contexts.

You'll also be part of an academically, socially and demographically diverse student body, right here in the beautiful heart of Chicago.

Whether you're focused on instruction, technology or assessment, our novel approach to understanding how people learn will give you a solid foundation to position you for unique and exciting career opportunities — whether in schools, universities, museums or the private sector.