Learning Sciences Student Association

The Learning Sciences Student Association, or LSSA, creates programmatic events that support the academic and professional development of our graduate students. LSSA aims to build relationships with faculty and staff and to address in a proactive manner systemic issues within the graduate program.

LSSA has organized events for graduate students, such as workshops on topics that are useful for students or germane to their program, including milestones in the degree process (portfolio, proposal and dissertation) and introductions to data analysis software. LSSA also sponsors social events.

LSSA officers are

You can find notes and materials from these and other workshops on LSSA's Blackboard page.

Date Topic Speaker
May 3, 2013 Portfolio process Emma Hospelhorn & Jackie Popp
April 12, 2013 Proposal process Kathleen Pitvorec
Feb. 22, 2013 nVivo Jessica Roberts
April 20, 2012 Grants & research Jose Melendez
Feb. 24, 2012  Prezi Brian Slattery
Sept. 30, 2011 Academic writing Prof. Terri Thorkildsen
April 1 2011 RefWorks Jessica Roberts
Feb. 18, 2011 Portfolio process Kathleen Pitvorec