Degree Requirements

Students must meet minimum requirements for the Graduate College and for LSRI's program, as follows:

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Minimum Semester Hours Required: 96. For applicant's holding a master's degree, the admissions process includes an evaluation of the applicant's record, desired specialization, and a decision regarding any modifications to the Learning Sciences program requirements.
  • Course Work: Required Courses: LRSC 500, 501, 503, 511, 512, 513, 540, 590, and 599.
  • Examinations: Students will be required to submit an Annual Review, following a template provided by the Learning Sciences program, to show evidence of academic and professional progress. Required courses specify examination requirements.
  • Annual Review: Required. While it is not strictly considered an examination, an annual student assessment will constitute the first step in a two-step student assessment process, of which the comprehensive written exam is the second part. In the first part, each student will submit an annual review to the doctoral adviser, consisting of a record of progress through the program, relevant professional experiences, and, importantly, candidate self-assessment of academic and professional progress. Failure to submit an annual review upon repeat notification to students will constitute evidence of insufficient progress through the program, leading to consideration of dismissal from the program. Due process will be observed to protect student rights and program integrity.
  • Comprehensive Qualifying Examination: Required portfolio examination. In each core course, students will generate at least one product or document that contributes to a portfolio of student progress. Upon completion of the core courses, or the required portfolio items, the student will orally defend the contents of the portfolio before a committee of Learning Sciences faculty who will determine passing or failing of the comprehensive exam.
  • Preliminary Examination: Required. The preliminary exam is an oral defense of the completed dissertation proposal and is taken after successful completion of the comprehensive qualifying exam. The primary purpose of the preliminary examination is review and approval of the thesis research proposal and admission of the student to the dissertation research stage of degree candidacy.
  • Thesis Research: Required. The completed thesis research must be defended orally and publicly before a thesis committee.