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Department/SpecializationPostdoctoral Fellow in Teaching and Mentoring at the UIC’s Honors College



Graduate of UIC LS Program & Postdoctoral Fellow in Teaching and Mentoring at UIC's Honors College

Jose is a political junkie, a world traveler and a dancer who loves theater and the arts. His talents and background give him unique perspective on urban planning, and have influenced his field of study: community development. At LSRI, Jose is studying Chicago’s 49th Ward's participatory budgeting process to understand how environments, discourse and participants work together to shape  the learning and participation of people who are involved in participatory planning environments.


Urban Planning & Policy
Concentration: Learning in community development

Entered Program

Fall 2009



  • M.Ed., UIC, Educational Studies in Intructional Leadership, Concentration: Curriculum Studies outside school settings.
  • B.A., Oberlin, History/Slavic Studies, Modern Dance/Choreography
  • Ph.D., UIC, Learning Sciences Research Institute


Santa Ana, El Salvador

LSRI Projects

Research Assistant for the CAREER: Teaching and Learning Social Science Inquiry and Spatial Reasoning with GIS. The project aims to improve undergraduate's science inquiry skills using the online census data GIS website Social Explorer. Its aim is to help instructors train better social scientists. Through this grant, the research team is making improvements to Social Explorer, developing new online curriculum modules for easier accessibility, training undergraduate faculty to teach using the mapping technology, and integrating the tools into undergraduate social science classrooms.

Hobbies & Interests

I am a long time runner; enjoy travel throughout the states and around the globe, experiencing different cultures, people and ways of being. I have studied modern dance and love the theater and arts. Finally, I am a political junkie and enjoy riding my motorcycle when the weather is nice enough.

Why Learning Sciences?

José utilized a Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) theoretical framework to understand the learning occurring in the 49th Ward's Participatory Budgeting Process. His research sought to shed light on the interrelationship between environments, discourse, and participants and how this interrelationship impacted both the learning and participation of those involved in participatory planning environments.

Why LSRI at UIC?

Its interdisciplinary focus.