Faculty & Staff


Office Phone

  • +1 (312) 413-8497


  • 1570-7 SSB


Graduate Student


Cognitive Psychology, Informal Learning

Entered Program

Fall 2010



  • B.A., Indiana University Bloomington, Cognitive Science


Highland Park, Illinois

Professional Goals

Going on to work at an informal institution (e.g. museum, zoo, aquarium, etc.) in the areas of education, interpretation, and technology, or continuing to do research on learning in informal settings.

LSRI Projects

Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network (CLiZEN): A multi-institutional partnership around climate change education in zoos. I work mainly with the UIC team on developing and evaluating a prototype exhibit, “A Mile in My Paws”, about the impact of climate change on polar bears across time. I also work with the Brookfield Zoo interpretive staff on adapting “Paws” to work with exhibit interpreters. I’ve engaged in iterative design research as well as presenting our results to various audiences.

Integrating study of Natural Resources, Human Impact, and Environmental Policy: Making Complex Systems accessible for Secondary Learners (EcoCollage): A stormwater and green infrastructure management simulation, with a tangible user interface. I’ve participated in organizing and running lab studies, transcribing and coding user interactions, and writing and presenting results.

Hobbies & Interests

Comics, constructed languages, and gaming.

Why Learning Sciences?

I've always been interested in the different ways that people learn and how that can be affected by content and context. Learning sciences provides the best way for me to learn how to make our shared educational institutions stronger, and how to support enjoyable, lifelong intellectual development.

Why LSRI at UIC?

I was drawn to UIC due to its location, as Chicago is full of so many great museums and informal learning spaces. But LSRI is mainly valuable because of the people working here—I greatly appreciate the wide variety of disciplinary interests, backgrounds, and research perspectives that LSRI members bring to our many projects.