Chicago Sun-Times editorial cites LSRI Associate Professor Josh Radinsky's work on CPS school closings, calling it a "more honest" look at the impact the massive effort will have on children.

A new report by LSRI Associate Professor Josh Radinsky shows that the proposed CPS school closings will shuffle more children and more students of color and with disabilities than district officials estimated.

Leilah Lyons, an assistant professor of learning sciences and computer science, is a winner of UIC's 2013 Graduate College Mentoring Award.

Jim Pellegrino, co-director of LSRI, outlines what new and improved assessments that focused on accelerated student learning rather than accountability could look like in a story published in The Hechinger Report.

New research led by LSRI Co-director Susan S. Goldman begins to map the process students readers use to gain more knowledge when they read websites to learn new subjects.

A high-level commission of educators, researchers and policy analysts is calling on state and federal policymakers to commit to a long-term plan to significantly change assessments so that they place a greater emphasis on providing timely and valuable information to students and teachers.

James Pellegrino, co-director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute, has won the 2013 American Educational Research Association’s Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award.

Philip Wagreich, a former professor of mathematics, statistics, and computer science and a professor of learning sciences, has been named UIC's 2012 Honorary Innovator of the Year. 

Josh Radinsky, an associate professor with LSRI, has been named co-editor in chief of The Journal of Learning Sciences, the premier publication of the field.

Education Week quotes LSRI Co-Director Jim Pellegrino on taking the time to develop the right assessments for the nation's new science sta