Faculty & Staff


Office Phone

  • +1 (312) 413-8541


  • 1570-8 SSB


Graduate Student


Science Education

Entered Program

Fall 2012



  • B.S.,University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Psychology


Jersey City, New Jersey

Professional Goals

I would like to build educational software catered to under-served children of all ages. Through my software, I hope to equip students with the skills that are needed to become independent learners.

LSRI Projects

The Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network (CliZEN) project with Leilah Lyons and the CLIC project with Maria Varelas

Hobbies & Interests

The outdoors, movies, skydiving, baking, and travel just to name a few.

Why Learning Sciences?

I like the interdisciplinary aspect of learning sciences and believe that such an approach is the best way to address the many issues that surround education. Also, as technology improves and continues to redefine our lives, it becomes increasingly important to study its affordances and limitations in regards to learning.

Why LSRI at UIC?

I was interested in the faculty and the work that they are doing. The location was an added incentive.