Speaker Series

Gale M. Sinatra, University of Southern California

Motivation, Emotion, and Conceptual Change Research: A Progress Report on The Warming Trend
Friday, September 14, 2012 1:00PM to 2:30PM
LSRI 1535A

Conceptual change was once considered a cold and rational process. Since, Pintrich and colleagues’ famous article, Beyond Cold Conceptual Change (Pintrich, Marx, & Boyle, 1993), the role of motivation and affect has been more fully integrated into conceptual change research, theory, and practice. Dole and Sinatra’s (1998) Cognitive Reconstruction of Knowledge Model and Pintrich and Sinatra’s view of intentional conceptual change lead to a “warming trend” in conceptual change research (Sinatra, 2005). This presentation will explore the progress on empirical investigations on the warming trend conducted by Sinatra and colleagues.

Powerpoint Presentation: sinatra.ppt