National Academies of Sciences honors Jim Pellegrino's work

Two reports edited or produced by LSRI Co-Director Jim Pellegrino are being honored by the National Academies of Science for the significant influence they have had on curriculum and instruction in this country.

As part of its 150th anniversary, NAS will be promoting key reports it has produced to highlight their importance and impact that they have had on the nation.

One, Education Life and Work, co-edited by Pellegrino, investigates and demonstrates the importance of teaching students in grades K to 16 the critical skills they need to know for success in school, work and other areas of adult responsibility -- otherwise known as "21st century skills." Pellegrino also served as chairman of the committee that developed the 2012 report.

A Framework for K-12 Science Education, published in 2012, laid the foundation for educators, policymakers and curriculum developers to create new, research-grounded science standards for the nation's public school system. Pellegrino served on the team that crafted the report.

The reports can be downloaded from the NAS site for free. Registration may be required.

Learn more about Pellegrino, one of the leading cognitive scientists in the country, and his work at LSRI.