• What if you could be a polar bear for a day?

  • How can we make chemistry come to life for students?

  • Math Trailblazers prepares elementary students for success

  • We create better testing tools for elementary teachers

  • Can learning to crack codes help make 21st century problem solvers?

No one else does what we do

Our learning sciences Ph.D. program is unique because unlike traditional education programs, we help you address today's pressing challenges in education through a truly interdisciplinary approach.

You will craft a tailored study plan that combines learning sciences coursework with a specialization in literacy, mathematics, natural sciences, computer sciences or social sciences. You can choose to work in formal or informal educational settings.

Our rigorous program will help you build a strong foundation in pedagogical practice, learning theory and research methodologies.

And from the start, you will work alongside the leading researchers in the field to develop the tools, theories and technologies to help students of all ages and all backgrounds find success.

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Learning Sciences Ph.D. Program