Speaker Series

David Rapp, Northwestern University

Problematic Learning from Inaccurate, Inconsistent, and Incredible Text
Friday, December 2, 2011 1:00PM to 2:30PM
SEL 2087

Readers rely on texts to learn about the world, and in the best situations what they read is entirely accurate. Unfortunately, texts often contain inaccuracies (both accidental and intended) that readers learn from as well. Because readers have consistently been shown to rely on patently false information that they should a priori know to be wrong, evaluative processing does not appear to be the default during comprehension experiences. In a series of projects, my colleagues and I have examined some of the conditions that may foster resistance to obvious text inaccuracies. This talk will highlight instructional factors, pragmatic motivators, and descriptive features that encourage readers' resistance to inaccurate information. The findings from this work have implications for current research in discourse comprehension, memory processes, critical thinking, and learning experiences.