New Applicants

How to apply

Applying for the program is a two-part process. You must apply to UIC through the Graduate College and apply to LSRI.

Our priority deadline for the fullest consideration for fellowships is Jan. 1. We will accept applications according to the Graduate College's schedule, through May 15, as well.

To apply to UIC through the Graduate College:

  1. Begin an application, following the directions for graduate applicants. This will generate a university ID#, or UIN, which will be assigned to you permanently if you be accepted into the program.

    To do this:

    • Scroll to the bottom of the website and click on “apply now” for domestic or international students, whichever pertains to you 
    • Click on the link that says “1st time user account creation”
    • Create a LOGIN and PIN
    • Keep this PIN. You will need it later.
  2. Follow the instructions. Note that you will have to upload documents, including a personal statement and reference letters as part of this application.
  3. After you have finished, apply to LSRI.

To apply to LSRI:

  1. Write and mail a personal statement, 3 to 5 pages in length, typed, double-spaced. This statement should describe your reasons for wanting to pursue a doctorate in learning sciences, as well as your background and interests in your particular field or discipline of concentration. Applicants may also email this statement to Program Coordinator Tim Stoelinga.
  2. Submit three letters of recommendation. Mail original, sealed letters of recommendation to the graduate coordinator, Tim Stoelinga. The signature of the recommender must be signed across the back of the seal of the envelope.
  3. Send your GRE scores to UIC. Use code 1851. You must formally request that this be done by the testing agency when you register to take the test and identify UIC as a receiving institution. We do not have a minimum requirement, but we recommend a score of 1000 or higher. You will do this as part of your UIC application, but we ask that you send it to LSRI, too, for faculty review.
  4. Send your TOEFL scores (international students only)
  5. Forward transcripts of all undergraduate and any graduate coursework. Again, you will do this as part of your UIC application, but we ask that you send unofficial or official copies to us for early faculty review.

To mail your letters of recommendation, or to request other information, contact:

Timothy Stoelinga, Ph.D.
Interim Graduate Program Coordinator
University of Illinois at Chicago
Learning Sciences Research Institute
1240 W. Harrison, Suite 1535 MC 057
Chicago, IL  60607

Phone: 312-413-1888