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Assistant Professor

Mara Martinez is an assistant professor of Math Statistics and Computer Science and an LSRI faculty affiliate. Her interests include using the French Didactique as a theoretical and methodological framework in research in mathematics education.



Research and Teaching Interests

Mathematics Education, Teaching and Learning of Algebra, Teaching and Learning of Proof, Teacher Education

Selected Publications

Martinez, M & Pedemonte, B (accepted). Relationship between Inductive Arithmetic Argumentation and Deductive Algebraic Proof. Educational Studies in Mathematics.

Superfine, A. C., Li, W. & Martinez, M.V. (2013) Developing preservice teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching: Making explicit design considerations for a content course. Mathematics Teacher Educator, 2(1).

Brizuela, B., Martinez, M., & Cayton-Hodges, G. (2013). The Impact of Early Algebra: Results from a Longitudinal Intervention. Journal Of Research In Mathematics Education, 2(2), 209-241. doi:10.4471/redimat

Martinez, M. V., & Castro Superfine, A. (2012). Integrating Algebra and Proof in High School: Students' Work with Multiple Variables and a Single Parameter in a Proof Context. [doi: 10.1080/10986065.2012.657956].Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 14(2), 120-148.

Martinez, M. V., Brizuela, B. M., & Superfine, A. C. (2011). Integrating algebra and proof in high school mathematics: An exploratory study. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 30(1), 30-47.

Carraher, D. W., Martinez, M., & Schliemann, A. D. (2009). Introducción temprana al álgebra y a la generalización matemática. 12(ntes) Primer Ciclo, 4, 7-42.

Carraher, D., Martinez, M., & Schliemann, A. (2008). Early Algebra and Mathematical Generalization.  ZDM, 40 (1), 3-22.

Martinez, M., & Brizuela, B. M.  (2006).  A third grader's way of thinking about linear function tables.  Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 25, 285-298.

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A Library of High School Mathematics: Teaching and Learning Videocases;