Leilah Lyons, an assistant professor of learning sciences and computer science, is a winner of UIC's 2013 Graduate College Mentoring Award.

Jim Pellegrino, co-director of LSRI, outlines what new and improved assessments that focused on accelerated student learning rather than accountability could look like in a story published in The Hechinger Report.

New research led by LSRI Co-director Susan S. Goldman begins to map the process students readers use to gain more knowledge when they read websites to learn new subjects.

A high-level commission of educators, researchers and policy analysts is calling on state and federal policymakers to commit to a long-term plan to significantly change assessments so that they place a greater emphasis on providing timely and valuable information to students and teachers.

James Pellegrino, co-director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute, has won the 2013 American Educational Research Association’s Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award.

Philip Wagreich, a former professor of mathematics, statistics, and computer science and a professor of learning sciences, has been named UIC's 2012 Honorary Innovator of the Year. 

Josh Radinsky, an associate professor with LSRI, has been named co-editor in chief of The Journal of Learning Sciences, the premier publication of the field.

Education Week quotes LSRI Co-Director Jim Pellegrino on taking the time to develop the right assessments for the nation's new science sta

Learning Sciences and Math professor Alison Castro Superfine has been selected by a group of peers to receive UIC's 2011-2012 Teaching Recognition Award.

Susan Goldman has been elected to the National Academy of Education. Members are elected on the basis of outstanding scholarship or outstanding contributions to education.